Summer Security

If you are anything like us at Marlou Property, now that summer is here and the sun is shining it is quite likely that you will be doing everything you can to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. However whilst you are in the garden enjoying some gardening or maybe some sun bathing, is it possible that you could be leaving your home less secure than you would normally?

Often during the summer months, as we spend time in the garden we will leave our windows or doors wide open whilst feeling that our home is secure because we are just “in the garden”, however this is often the time when your home is the least secure. An open door or window could provide a ready invitation to a passing opportunist who could sneak in and out, taking valuable property with them without you being any the wiser until later that day.

Generally there is an increase in opportunist thefts during the summer months because criminals know that people become more comfortable in the summer and will leave a window or door open on a hot day.

Here are some of out top tips to help keep your home secure this summer:

  1. Install strong fencing and gates to prevent easy access to the side and back of your home
  2. Fit good quality locks to any sheds or garages and avoid leaving them unlocked.
  3. Install security lights outside
  4. Keep valuables out of display or away from direct view of windows
  5. Use timer switches to turn lights on and off when you are not home
  6. If you are going on holiday, cancel regular deliveries, don’t leave your bins out on the street, tidy up your garden, don’t leave valuables on display and if possible ask a neighbour to come round twice a day to check on security and open and close the curtains.
  7. Remember to lock all your doors and windows, remove the keys and store them in a safe place when you are not at home
  8. Keep all keys, especially car keys, out of sight within the home, especially away from doors or windows.